People have the strangest concepts of what being a dwarf is really like. Here are a few things a dwarf hears frequently, that is completely wrong.

Dwarfs must all overeat since they have potbellies. The reality is very different. A dwarf can diet and exercise constantly and will still have a bulging abdomen. It is primarily the bones which have remained small. The lungs, stomach, and other organs are normal size, which means the smaller ribcage cannot contain everything.

All dwarfs look alike. It is amazing how many people mistake a dwarf they see in a restaurant for famous TV personalities. If you take a moment to look closer, the facial features are different, bodies are different shapes, different skin tones, and different heights. There is just as much diversity among dwarfs as there are any other categories of people. Imagine how frustrating it would be to always be mistaken for another person. Continue reading